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Want to find land, make informed intelligent decisions and transform your dream home into reality - but don’t know where to start? You're in the right place. I'm Mark Siddall, an RIBA chartered architect and creator of Plot Hunter.

My goal is to help you find land so you can create a home you can be proud of. The articles, videos and podcasts on this site give you practical tools, strategies and systems, so you can create your forever home. That’s what I’m about. That’s what this site's about. 

What is a Plot Hunter?

The Plot Hunter Definition

You know you're a plot hunter when, you're on a quest to transform your quality of life by building your forever home, but find there is just one major obsticle stopping you from realising your dream...

...Finding the right plot in the area where you want to live. In fact just finding A PLOT where you want to live would be a good start!

This is where Plot Hunter comes in. Plot Hunter is a resource I'm building with (and for) people just like you. What I have planned is much more than a database of land for sale. Through my podcast at ForeverHomeLifestyle.com I'll also show you techniques for finding and buying land the big developers don't want you to know.

When I'm done you'll be able to find and buy land for less money so you can free up cash for building your dream home. So stick around, pull your sleeves up and get stuck in. Let's explore smart ways you can find a plot, buy it and transform your dream home into reality.

What To Expect:  

A Shortcut For Finding Land

Whether you want to build a bespoke home or pre-designed custom home, through a growing network of subscribers and land agents and estate agents, it's possible for Plot Hunter to provide you with mutual support that will help you identify land where you can build your home. Not only that, you'll find videos and podcasts packed with insights that make finding and buy land much easier.  

From this perspective, if you're looking for land in the North East - including Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and North Yorkshire - then the Plot Hunter Challenge could help. After all it could be one of the smartest ways for you to: 

Find self-build-land-for-sale throughout North East England using the Forever Home Network.

* ​Renew your motivation
* Get advanced notification of land for sale before it goes public (tap into the Secret Market)
* Reduce the time takes to find land for sale
* Discover tools and techniques that reduce risk and minimise cost
* Strategies for finding land that don't involve estate agents
...and much more

How Will You Create Your Forever Home?

The Not So Secret Sauce

If you're like me, you're seriously interested in self-build, bespoke houses, custom homes and community-led housing (cohousing) because it presents a fantastic alternative to the mainstream.

It's not just about the satisfaction of knowing where you live is unique, or that you have a cosy home with enough space for the family where you can enjoy with good daylight, excellent air quality, be released from the burdened of high energy bills and the guilt of excessive carbon emissions.

It's also about recognising the fact that you also have a vested interest in the neighbourhood where you live. In a nutshell - you want a house that improves your quality of life far beyond what you can find in the normal marketplace. (By the way, I explore all this and more in my podcast at ForeverHomeLifestyle.com)

...That's what I want for my family too, and it's why I've been an active member of two cohousing groups and still dream about building a home with my family. For now though, as a busy Dad running an architectural practice, I've postponed this goal. (When Hannah, my daughter, is a little older Jen and I intend to get back to it.)

What is Self Build? 

The Plot Hunter Definition

Self-build is a way of creating your ideal home. Your perfect retreat. Your Forever Home. The house you'll create will look after you, not just after a long day's work, but for many years into retirement and old age. It could be located in a place of seclusion and tranquillity - ideal for getting away from it all and taking in the beauty of the open country - or it may be in the thriving heart of a garden suburb that’s adjacent to a lively city center. It's all up to you.

What's important is making sure all the necessary components are in place to make your lifestyle as comfortable and as effortless as possible.

Needless to say, if you're going to find land and reap the long term benefits, while avoiding nightmares on site, you'll need to invest time upfront during the planning process - and that's where Plot Hunter will help.

This is the place where I help and support Plot Hunters and reveal useful strategies, tools and systems you can use to remove the road-blocks that are preventing you from creating your dream home. For me to help you, I need and value your feedback and input.

So that I can offer you the right kind of support, I'd like to know the biggest challenge preventing you from creating your Forever Home. Is it..
Accessing Finance
Finding land
Finding Time
Getting data on land prices
Finding trustworthy information about how to buy land
Finding an architect you can trust
Finding a contractor you can trust
Finding good information about design
Finding good information about construction
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Your Plot HunterJourney! 

Choosing The Right Fork In The Road

Finding a plot and creating your Forever Home is, amongst other things, a journey of self-discovery. As you're no doubt aware, in an effort to make smart decisions and lead a better quality life you'll be exploring and weighing up the options.

By unearthing the secret formula at the core of the most successful homes you'll be able to adapt the lessons to suit your own needs.

This website, and the podcasts and videos, will help you get clear about what you want to achieve, help you overcome obstacles and get you up to speed with the kinds of decisions you’ll be making in the weeks, months and years ahead.

What Plot Hunter Is Not

Myth Busting

Let's dispel a few myths and set realistic expectations:

1) There's rarely a quick fix if you're struggling to find land. Even though Plot Hunter is here to help, and can make finding land much quicker, there is no 'easy' fix. You'll still need to put the effort in and - at times - it'll require hard work.

2) Plot Hunter is for ethical people serious about improving the quality of life for themselves, their family and, wherever possible, the broader community.

3) Whilst, money can be made, it's not the sole driver for members of the Plot Hunter Community. ...Plot Hunter is not for people that just want to "make a fast buck" by building a house. Members of the Plot Hunter Network recognise property investment requires long term thinking.

4) Plot Hunter is for people that respect other view points and aspire to leaving the world in a better place than when they found it.

If this sounds like you then you're in the right place. Welcome home!

I’m grateful! 


Thanks for taking your time to explore your way around. You're off to a great start. As I’m just a regular bloke doing what he can to improve people's lives and make the world a little better place, I’d love to hear from you. It's your feedback that let's me know I'm making a difference.

If you're wondering what other steps you'll need to take to create your Forever Home then you might be interested in my podcast over at ForeverHomeLifestyle.com