A Mistake Self-Builders Make When Reviewing An Architect's Website

A mistake self-builders make when reviewing an architect’s website

As a self-builder, it can be difficult choosing an architect. After all, making the choice about which architect you hire is a significant step. It’s a tough decision making process because you’ll have to live with the consequences of your choice for many years to come.

The inevitable anxiety and stress you feel normally kicks in at the transition between having identified, or bought, a plot of land and deciding to speak to an architect. …Now I’m not suggesting that you’re freeking out at this stage, it’s a low level knot of emotion and it’s is more than understandable – particularly if you’ve never gone through this process before. However, in this heightened state you may hesitate, and through no fault of your own, make a serious mistake when reviewing an architect’s website.

In this post I’ll show you can defuse the stress, avoid hesitation, save time and get the right architect. Read More…